Two brands covering every application. PREMIX® historical RDC brand, well-known and available on the market since 1974. PREMIX®/S: a new-concept…Learn more


Is our brand for predispersed organic pigments on elastomeric matrix supplied in slab form. After 40 years of experience blending powders…Learn more

Dry Liquids

In order to avoid the problematic dosage of liquid additives…Learn more

Micronized Powders

To further improve dispersion while maintaining the quality…Learn more

Granular Blends

Consist of a mixture of several additives blended together…Learn more

Powder Blends

RDC is able to supply perfectly homogeneus powder blends…Learn more

Preweighed Materials

RDC can supply in predosed and preweighed low melting temperatures bags…Learn more

Chemical Auxiliaries

RDC distributes most of the chemical auxiliaries used in the rubber and…Learn more