• Better dispersion of chemicals
  • More consistent cure
  • Reduction of off-spec batches
  • Possibility of supplying with various colour codes to better identify different products


  • Faster mixing
  • Reduction of lost chemicals
  • Higher productivity


  • Reduced airborne dust
  • Elimination of residual dust
  • Less skin contact to operators
  • Easier handling and dosage of chemicals

Premix® is RDC brand for polymer bound materials. In a Premix® the chemical, named “active part”, is homogeneously dispersed in a proper polymeric matrix. RDC technology is unique in the field of predispersed material production: the manufacture of Premix® is carried out in very mild condition, in order to avoid any decomposition of the “active part”. The polymeric matrix has an high compatibility with the elastomeric material and has no effect on the compound cure and technical properties, moreover its low viscosity ensures a fast and complete dispersion of the material even in very soft compounds.

Premix® & Premix®/S

2 brands covering every application.

PREMIX® historical RDC brand, well-known and available on the market since 1974.

PREMIX®/S: a new-concept line of predispersed materials. PREMIX/S have been originally planned for foamed rubber compounds now its use is extended in all the processes involving very low viscosity compounds.

PREMIX®/S are based on a special elastomeric matrix that provides:

  • lower viscosity and hardness,
  • best compatibility with elastomeric compound,
  • possibility to obtain predispersed with a very high concentration of active part without penalize its properties of viscosity and hardness.

Premix® Specialities

On customer demand RDC is able to prodce special predispersed materials:
PremiX/FA: predispersed chemicals based on food approved polymeric matrix
PremiX/N: predispersed chemicals based on nitrile rubber polymeric matrix
PremiX/M: micronized chemicals predispersed on proper matrix