Who are we?

Rdc is a Company oriented to the development and the continuous improvement of its products as well as, to the innovation and the research of solutions for its customers.
This philosophy becomes real through massive investments in the R&D functions where today thanks to highly qualified expertise supported by ultimate state of the art instrumentations ideas of new projects also of high added values can take shape as well as customers’ problems solving.

Where do we innovate in?

-Compatibility analysis, stability and decomposition kinetics of accelerators and rubber activators.
-Research and study about polymer matrix able to confer to our predispersed chemicals outstanding and always more efficient performances.
– Processing studies of high qualitative, energetic and productive efficiency.
Up to date the continuous development of our knowledge guarantees our customers of:
-products of very high dispersability able to overcome even the most critical and severe tests
-the planning of blends and or multicomponents granules where stability and degrading mechanism is are analyzed via a chemical-physical technics.


Our R&D is supported by chemical and physical labs, both fully equipped  with instrumentations able to ensure all possible tests  that a Company involved in the production of chemicals designed for elastomeric compounding may require. A deep theoretical  knowledge of the chemical-physical techniques allow us the development of non-conventional  investigating methods for the study of  different aspects related  to the world of  compounding.

Standardization and non-conventional techniques:

the measure to check and the measure to learn.

The main analytical technics comply of:
– FTMIR-ATR Spectrophotometer equipped with an FTIR Microscope: quantitative analysis and chemical characterization.
– Differential Scanning Calorimetry: thermal analysis of polimer and organic molecule, activation kinetic analysis
– Thermogravimetric Analyzer equipped with an IR tool for the IR analysis of the decomposition fumes: pyrolisis of polymers, oxidative processes, analysis of elastomeric blends.
– Ultra High Performance Liquid cromatography (U-HPLC): purity of the organic molecule, stability of accelerator blends, analysis of decomposition processes.
– Spectrophotometer NIR-ATR: chemometric analysis, real time control of the production process.
– Filter PressureValue measure: dispersion test of powder and polymer bound material
– Particle Size analyzer: check of the particle size distribution of powders.